It Is Not Yours! Unwelcomed Intruders | Showers’ Blessing Inspires


These past several weeks I have spent an exceptional amount of time in the hospital with one of my nephews. While there I have been privy to many conversations with hospital staff.   The most interesting thing to me is how they all try and call this invasive disease that is ferociously attacking his health and well-being, his. Whenever they discuss the disease they begin by saying, “Your…”

One day, I asked the doctors why do you call a disease that seeks to destroy his life his? I went on to tell them that this disease is not his, but an unwelcomed intruder whose purpose is to make his life a living hell with an ultimate assignment to kill him and take him away from his wife, children and other loved ones. Needless to say the doctors had no answer for me, but they were careful not to call the disease his, at least not in my presence, anymore.

Interestingly enough many people with health ailments refer to them as “my.” Isn’t that perplexing that because doctors call it yours the majority of people embrace it as theirs as well. Yet, God refers to it as a demonic spirit. And, they want God to heal them of the very illnesses where they have taken ownership. Go figure!

Never talk about sickness or disease by saying, “My diabetes…lupus…cataracts…cancer… heart disease, etc. Life and death is in the power of your tongue! Speak life!
Don’t ever forget this. You are suffering from the thing that plagues you; but it is not and will never be yours! You take authority over it by the words you speak and not by taking ownership of it!

Also, never permit anyone to call a “disease” yours, including your doctors. It is not yours! It is an attack against your peace and joy. It is an unwelcomed stranger who seeks to make you a helpless victim. When anyone says, “This is your diabetes…your lupus…your heart disease, etc., correct them immediately and let them know God has never given you and will never give you any “dis-ease.” If you claim it as yours, then it is yours.

When God says, “Be thou made whole,” He literally has gone in and cast out the demonic spirits of sickness and disease that has attacked His master craftsmanship–your body. Then your body begins a natural repair process that can happen instantaneously or overtime. Nevertheless, the super natural healing has taken place and the process begins from the inside out. Your believing faith in the promises of God makes you whole.

When you take ownership of the sickness or disease, you tacitly give it permission to dwell in your body and to wreck havoc in your life. Always remember you suffer from these unwanted invaders whose express purpose is to prevent you from experiencing the abundant life God envisioned for you.

So why in the world would you call it yours? Give you something to think about it. Huh?


About Jacqui Showers

Jacqui Showers endeavors to shower the world with the rich life transforming blessings of the Word of God; thus empowering people to become all God envisioned so they can experience what God S.A.W.W. (Spiritual, Abundance Wholeness and Wealth). A sought after speaker, Jacqui evangelizes the Word of God and provides unboxed coaching through The Mentor Empowerment Institute (The ME Place), individual consultation, workshops, seminars, conferences, churches and other venues for individuals and organizations. Jacqui globally distributes her weekly Showers' Blessings Eblast Inspirations and hosts its annual “ Oh Break Out Experience," a life transforming Experience that encourages, edifies and empowers people to break out and experience the power, fullness and intimacy of God. Jacqui is presently finalizing her book that will be published in the near future. She is a ordained Elder under House of Prayer and Praise Ministries (HOPP) where she serves under Pastor Valorie Bennett. Most recently, she mobilized Southeast Michigan faith-based community for the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 Decennial Census. Minister Showers has been anointed as a spiritual midwife to assist others in birthing into their destiny in order to fulfill their purpose. She holds dear the love affair she and God share that is totally beyond compare. For speaking engagements, she can be contacted at or visit the website at

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