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How Old Are You? It Doesn’t Matter!

My beloved brother

 Trayvon Martin has no age, if he is an African-American male. “I would be reluctant to call the police, because when they came I would be considered a suspect even though I was the one who made the call,” my beloved brother told me years ago. I find that quite interesting because I know that my brother is one of those naturally good people. He doesn’t smoke, do drugs, use profanity, and is committed to his wife and daughter. Yet, along with so many other African-American men my brother knows there is a code of conduct for survival that they adhere to that their ethnic counterparts do not.   read more . . .


“The Leprechaun” Goes to the Quantum Leaper

While working at a trade association in Washington DC a challenge went forth to all the staff. We had just relocated to a new facility and the president was excited about our new décor. So, he put forth a challenge that your office area and desk had to be clean every day for 90 days. There is something to be said about a 90-day challenge.   read more . . .

Outward Manifestations! Inward Victory!


I’m always suspect when my visual environment becomes disarray and cluttered. My first inclination is to seek God for what is happening that is causing me to fall back to previous habits. You see, I realize that it is an outward manifestation of an inward rumbling. During this 90-day Quantum Leap Challenge, I am even more sensitive to those things that try to prevent me from being successful. Nobody knows me better than I know myself.     read more . . .

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