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Don’t You Trust Me! Nope!

trust GodYears ago my niece as she prepared to go on a date asked her mother, “Don’t you trust me.” My sister emphatically replied, “No! I trusted myself and you’re here.” Trust is one of those words that once lost, it seems as though it takes forever to get it back.   read more .  . .

I Had A Baby! Just the Beginning

Whew! I’ve heard all the stories about having a baby, but I had no idea until I went through it myself. The labor pains and the crying out is more than I thought I could bear. One minute you’re laughing and the next minute you’re in excruciating pain as they keep saying push Jacqui push. All you want to say is I’m not pushing anymore!     read more . . .

Half Time Report: Score Big!

Whhalftime report NLSC jarrongy do you think companies spend so much money to advertise during the half time report of any sporting event? Because they know that people want a detailed analysis of the first half as they anticipate the second. The first half of the game provides insight as to how the second half is projected to go. Keep in mind that it is only a projection and they really don’t have the final say.     read more . . .


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