Monthly Archives: October 2012

YOU Inc. You’re The Business

youincMy mother used to say, “Jacqui, when you eat, your family eats.” In essence, I was a single woman with no children. When I became full, my whole family was full. When I slept, my family slept. When I worked, my family worked. I was an entity within myself.     read more . . .


Integrating Faith @ Work: Angels Without Wings

kSevangelwithoutwingseral years ago I worked at an advertising agency in Rockville, Md. There was a young Jewish woman who also worked there and suffered from health challenges. One day as I was about to walk past her desk on my way to a meeting, the Lord spoke into my spirit and said touch her head. Oftentimes when God speaks Words of instruction that we don’t feel comfortable with, especially at our place of employment, we question Him or provide myriad reasons why we shouldn’t do the very thing that He has instructed.     read more . . .

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