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Prayer For Success January 14

prayer for success showersPRAYER FOR SUCCESS: Father, Age is just a mere number and I will no longer be in bondage to it. Regardless of my age, I know You have impregnated me with so much potential that if I lived to be a thousand years old I will never tap into the full reservoir of skills, talents and blessings You have for me. Regardless of my age, I will never stop dreaming and believing that You have created me for greatness and I will definitely achieve greatness in my lifetime. Amen.

Prayer For Success January 13

prayer for success showersPRAYER FOR SUCCESS: Father, You have placed me in this position for a reason. Regardless of how tough it may be, bless me to embrace the assignment with passion and perform with a spirit of excellence. I know You placed me in this position for Your glory and when it is time for this assignment to end I will be released. During this assignment, bless me to celebrate all that it entails in preparation for a higher level of responsibility, commitment and success. Amen.

Prayer For Success January 12

prayer for success showersPRAYER FOR SUCCESS: Father, I eat to live but I don’t live to eat. I know that you have created the stomach for food and food for the stomach, but it was never Your intention for food to control me. Bless me to establish healthy eating habits and not consume food that destroys my body, mind and ultimately affects my soul. Bless me to make wise eating choices that enable me to operate at peak performance. It is only then that I am able to conquer unhealthy eating habits and win at life every time. Amen.

PFS January 11, 2013

prayer for success showersPRAYER FOR SUCCESS: Father, I exercise my body daily because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Bless me to take care of my body and bring it under subjection to Your Word. My commitment to exercise and be in peak shape enables me to accomplish my assignment with passion, confidence, and courage on my path to victory. Amen.

PFS January 10, 2013

PRAYER FOR SUCCESS: Father, Oftentimes I find myself squandering time away and just need Your strength to overcome those things that cause me to procrastinate. Yesterday I said I would do it tomorrow, but when tomorrow came I did nothing. No longer will I put off tomorrow what I can do today. I know procrastination is nothing but a thief that I no longer will allow to steal, kill and destroy my success and my future. Amen

PFS January 9, 2013

prayer for success showersPRAYER FOR SUCCESS:  Father, Sometimes it seems as though I have so much to do and not enough time to do it all. Teach me how to manage my time effectively so I can apply my heart to wisdom. Bless me to maximize each moment by establishing a daily schedule and diligently adhering to it in order to successfully complete each assignment every day. Amen

PFS January 8, 2013

PRAYER FOR SUCCESS: Father, I’m working on this strategic plan and I need Your guidance. Anoint my hands to write the words so whoever reads it can run purposefully with the vision. Bless each of us to adhere to the vision as we systematically achieve each goal with a spirit of excellence. Bless us to harmoniously work in unity as we experience unimaginable success. Amen.

PFS January 7, 2013

PRAYER FOR SUCCESS: Father, There have been so many people who have lost their jobs. Those who have a job are overworked and doing the jobs of two or three people. Touch the hearts of the leaders from every sphere of influence in our society not to be so driven by money that they lose sight of their most precious commodity—human capital. Bless them to honor and do the right thing by their employees who make them successful every day. Bless them to treat their employees as they would want to be treated with respect, commitment and loyalty. Amen.

PFS January 6, 2013

PRAYER FOR SUCCESS: Father, There is so much happening in the world and it seems as though You have been left out. Bless us to never forget You and to recognize You in all things. Amen.

PFS January 5, 2013

PRAYER FOR SUCCESS: Father, I realize You have so much for me. Sometimes, I find myself not doing everything I need to do, but I know when I team up with You success is always mine. Bless me to begin my day with You, acknowledge you throughout the day for Your guidance and direction, and when the day ends to spend more time thanking You for an awesomely successful day. Amen.

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