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May 15, 1956 to May 14, 2013

I Salute My Sister

Who had been a bulwark for me, even when others deserted me.

I Salute My Sister

Who wasn’t afraid to put her life on the line, not just for her country,  

but her family and friends as well.

I Salute My Sister

Who stood steadfast in the face of adversity and teamed with  

God to defy death’s beckoning call.

I Salute My Sister

Who lead a command of soldiers in Desert Storm as one of the

few women allowed to maintain that stature.

I Salute My Sister

Who extended herself to others as no other even though

her daily companion was bodily pain and agony.

I Salute My Sister

Whose quiet confidence endured through the hardships of battle from the vicissitude of life that altered her physical ability  

from the ravages of war.

I Salute My Sister

Who looked at the world and refused to allow limitations to prevent her from marching towards a bright future  

and helping others to march towards theirs.

I Salute My Sister

Who loved me and pushed me even when I thought she was overbearing, selfish and downright mean.

I Salute My Sister

Who has beaten me up, talked about me and then let me know  

that she is there for me no matter what.

I Salute My Sister

Who was my hero as a young girl and  

who continues to be my hero today.

I Salute My Sister

Major Patricia Holmes Ellison  

simply because God made us sisters

but time made us more than best friends forever.

patricia holmes ellison


prayer for success showers

Father, More than anything I love You. I may not always understand, but I know You are a sovereign God who knows the beginning from the end. You know the day we are born as well as everything You placed inside of us to succeed; just as much as you know the day we will leave this earth. What we do in the between time is what matters most. Bless me to fulfill my purpose with passion exemplified by the dash that links my birth date and my death date. Amen.

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