Celebrating Memorial Day! Remembering Those Who Sacrificed Their Lives


Memorial Day will never be the same for me. I truly have an American Hero to celebrate. My sister and best friend, Major Patricia Holmes Ellison, led a command of soldiers, 273rd Military Police Company, in the 1991 Gulf War. Early morning on May 14, 2013, she succumbed to wounds from Desert Storm.

Every year I have celebrated Memorial Day more for the time with family than truly honoring the millions of fallen soldiers who gave their lives so we as Americans can enjoy freedom as no other nation. Our patriotism for those patricia burialwho fight and sacrifice so much, even their lives, for us is grossly under celebrated.

Not long ago I can remember the patriotism of America for those who had given their lives for us. Flags hung from houses as we were proud Americans honoring our war dead. In school we learned the battle and celebratory songs of this country in celebration of our country and those who gallantly served this country. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance with pride knowing it united us not just as a nation, but as a country committed to God.

Today, most of our children don’t know those songs because of cuts from our music departments. The majority of them don’t know the Pledge of Allegiance because God is mentioned and we are more concerned about offending the minority rather than uniting in a corporate commitment to our country and our freedom.

Many of Americans are clueless about why we celebrate Memorial Day. Most of them feel it is another day off work; when in actuality it is a time for us to celebrate our war dead. These are the women and men who unselfishly gave of themselves and sacrificed the ultimate in battle, their lives, so we can have the right to the pursuit of happiness and liberty and justice for all.

Join me today and every Memorial Day as we celebrate the millions of women and men who gave their lives so we as Americans can enjoy freedoms unlike any other nation. Pray for the strength of their families who lost their loved ones some during the battle and some later from wounds acquired during battle. Let us join together with pride knowing that their efforts and sacrifice will never be forgotten. Today we salute them for their bravery and their courage.

Have a blessed momentous Memorial Day.
Jacqui Showers

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