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Showers’ Blessing: Fork in the Road: Success Decisions

Fork in the roadThe late Johnny Carson, host of the Tonight Show, would do this skit where he would provide fictitious directions using a crazy map. All of sudden he would say, “You will come to a fork in the road,” and it really would be a fork lying in the road. I would crack up laughing.

In life we encounter forks in the road all the time. It may not be a literal fork as Johnny Carson had, but it does require some decision on our parts. Decisions are one of those things that sometimes we struggle with.

My beloved sister, Patricia, claimed that I was indecisive, but I begged to differ. There are times when I ponder over a situation to make sure I am making the right decision; but there are other times when I just jump right in and move full speed ahead.

The fork in the road symbolizes a decision needs to be made, but it also represents inevitable change and opportunities. You know change of any sorts has its own amount of anxiety and trepidation. If you don’t have the necessary directions as you approach the fork in the road or the mutations of life, you will become anxious and afraid. Indecision will cause you to miss opportunities

Imagine if you were driving, you don’t know which road to take nor do you have a road map providing instructions, you will find yourself in a panic-stricken state trying to figure out something that should have already been done. Approaching the fork in the road you realize that you don’t have time to map out a plan that should have been done before you set out on your journey

It is the same when we approach life’s forks in the road and we are not prepared. You don’t always have time to make a quick decision. You are fear-stricken simply because you did not do what was necessary. If you have done your due diligence you will make the right decision virtually every time and change will not overwhelm you

What if you realized you took the wrong road? It’s simple. Get off, turn around and head back so you can get on the right road. Hey, it happens when we are driving cars. Don’t panic and become anxious, just realize you made the wrong turn or the wrong decision. You still have the luxury to go back and go the right way. That is why we have contingencies built into every plan. Learn to be flexible so a wrong decision can quickly be turned into a right one.

Forks can be glaring objects looming on the horizon, but it doesn’t mean that doom is ahead. Keep your wits about you and quickly realize that the fork in the road is more a friend than a foe. It is really there to help you stay on course and experience the abundance success God envisioned for you.

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He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap. Eccl 11:4 (KJV)

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Prov 3:6 (KJV)

Such doubters are thinking two different things at the same time, and they cannot decide about anything they do. They should not think they will receive anything from the Lord. James 1:8 (CEV)

A person may plan his own journey, but the Lord directs his steps. Prov 16:9 (GW)


I have done the necessary preparation that when I approach life’s forks in the road I will be able to make the right decisions. I will seek Your spiritual road map to lead and guide me down the pathway to success. If I make a wrong turn, I will not panic and I will not be afraid. I know that You will provide me the confidence to turn in the opposite direction and proceed down the right path to success. Amen.



prayer for success showers

Father, I walk in healthy fear as I offer reverence to You in all things. This fear is where the well-spring of wisdom gushes forth in abundance. The more I reverence You the more I am blessed with an abundance of wisdom to get wealth and be successful in whatever I set my hands to do. Amen

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