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11:59—A Minute ‘til Midnight! Second Quarter Tune Up! Marketplace Prayers for Success!

You are on track for a banner year or maybe you haven’t been as productive as you had hoped.  Either way you need to join me and my guests for seven days in revving up for an awesome second quarter in your business, with your book, product or service, in your finances, in your career, with your relationships and just to become spiritually charged for optimum success.  Meet us nightly @

Call in @ 11:59 p.m. nightly 
Monday Apr 7 to Sunday Apr 13

Prayer Call In 209.647.1600  Access: 378486# 
SKYPE FreeConferenceCallHD.2096471600

Visit www.tsgm.org to submit prayer requests.


prayer for success showersFather, I find myself squandering time and need Your strength to overcome procrastination. Yesterday I said I would do it tomorrow, but when tomorrow came I did nothing. No longer will I put off tomorrow what I know I can do today. Your strength every day enables me to overcome procrastination and it no longer will steal, kill and destroy my time, success and my future. Amen.

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