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“She didn’t see it,” I told one of my sisters about a cup that remained on the floor as she awaited my niece to pick it up. My sister wanted to see just how long that cup would stay there before my niece actually noticed it. Finally after a few days and it had gotten on my sister’s last nerve she asked my niece about it. My niece gave her the same message, “I didn’t see it.”

Now some may say, “How in the world could you not see a cup laying on the floor that you would almost trip over it?” Well, it’s easy not to see something that is not important to you. Take it from someone who for years could not see a cup on the floor. You see, until something becomes important to you, you don’t see it.

For years I was not the best housekeeper. When my sister Patricia and I lived together that was one of our major points of contention. I can remember laying my coat across the banister and she didn’t want it there. Howbeit she didn’t hang it up, but she would throw my coat on the floor. I was just as strong-willed as she was and left it there for days. Whenever she would ask, “When are you going to hang up that coat,” I would simply reply, “Well I thought you wanted it there because you threw it on the floor.”

It didn’t matter to me if that coat was on the floor. I simply walked around it or stepped over it. It could have stayed there forever for all I cared.

Like anything else in life, until something becomes important to you, you can’t see it. This includes your own success. Until you can see yourself being successful, you will never be successful. Countless people can talk to you about success, but you will never experience it.

Why? Because you cannot envision yourself being successful. It is as simple as that!

It is no difference than when my niece did not see that cup. She simply stepped over it. Many simply step over opportunities because they can’t perceive them as opportunities. They wonder why is it they are at the same place every year, not dreaming of success, but just thinking about it. You can think about something, but if you never truly envision it, you will never do anything to achieve it.

All of those dreams and aspirations will remain on that floor waiting for you to pick them up and do something. Hopefully, your eyes of enlightenment will be opened for you to see that you have been blind to your own success. Every opportunity that has come your way you have simply stepped over them.

There comes a time when you have to open your eyes and you have to see yourself being successful. If not, your dreams will remain on the floor as you continue to step over them year-after -year.

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For I’m going to do a brand-new thing. See, I have already begun! Don’t you see it?Isaiah 43:19a (TLB)

Jesus realized what they were discussing and said, “No, that isn’t it at all! Can’t you understand? Are your hearts too hard to take it in? ‘Your eyes are to see with—why don’t you look? Why don’t you open your ears and listen?’ Don’t you remember anything at all?Mark 8:17-18 (TLB)

“I don’t know whether he is good or bad,” the man replied, “but I know this: I was blind, and now I see!” John 9:25 (TLB)


Father, Open my eyes to see all of the dreams You have for me. I will no longer be blind to my own success causing me to pass over opportunities repeatedly, but I will envision my success and every opportunity that comes my way I will take advantage of them. Thank you for enabling me to not only envision my dreams, but to see and achieve them.  Amen.

About Jacqui Showers

Jacqui Showers endeavors to shower the world with the rich life transforming blessings of the Word of God; thus empowering people to become all God envisioned so they can experience what God S.A.W.W. (Spiritual, Abundance Wholeness and Wealth). A sought after speaker, Jacqui evangelizes the Word of God and provides unboxed coaching through The Mentor Empowerment Institute (The ME Place), individual consultation, workshops, seminars, conferences, churches and other venues for individuals and organizations. Jacqui globally distributes her weekly Showers' Blessings Eblast Inspirations and hosts its annual “ Oh Break Out Experience," a life transforming Experience that encourages, edifies and empowers people to break out and experience the power, fullness and intimacy of God. Jacqui is presently finalizing her book that will be published in the near future. She is a ordained Elder under House of Prayer and Praise Ministries (HOPP) where she serves under Pastor Valorie Bennett. Most recently, she mobilized Southeast Michigan faith-based community for the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 Decennial Census. Minister Showers has been anointed as a spiritual midwife to assist others in birthing into their destiny in order to fulfill their purpose. She holds dear the love affair she and God share that is totally beyond compare. For speaking engagements, she can be contacted at showersblessings@tgmaill.com or visit the website at www.theshowersgroupministries.com.

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