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Fourth Quarter Break Out! 11:59—A Minute ‘til Midnight! Marketplace Prayers for Success Boot Camp!

This is a fourth quarter break out! You’re positioned between what you should have done and what you plan to do. You can’t get the first three quarters back, but you can finish strong as you head into 2015 moving from resolution to execution. Meet me nightly for the next seven days @ 11:59—A Minute ‘til Midnight Prayer Call and break out to win in your business, in publishing and marketing your book, product or service, in your finances, in your career, with your relationships and just to become spiritually charged for optimum success.

Call in @ 11:59 p.m. nightly 
Monday Oct 6 to Sunday Oct 13

Prayer Call In 209.647.1600  Access: 378486# 
SKYPE FreeConferenceCallHD.2096471600

Visit http://bit.ly/PrayReqSM to submit prayer requests.


prayer for success showersFather, Life is exciting. So much is happening and I’m just basking in the season of elevation and harvest. You are a purposeful God who keeps Your promises. It may appear as though you have forgotten, but You are always right on time. Sometimes it’s a struggle and it appears as though I’m being stretched beyond measure, but I thank You for entrusting me with these faith-building exercises that take me from glory to glory. Amen #showersblessing

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