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Faithfulness of Prayer| Showers’ Blessing PicSpire | Jacqui Showers

Prayer is a powerful faithful companion of warfare. All you have to do is tap into its power by spending time in prayer every day. Then experience the public manifestation of its power in every aspect of your life.  #showersblessing #ohbreakout #themeplace

Meet Me Tonight @ 11:59—A Minute ‘til Midnight Marketplace Prayers for Success Boot Camp!

Plan to meet me tonight @ 11:59—A Minute ‘til Midnight Prayer Call and break out to win in your business, publishing and marketing your book, product or service, in your finances, in your career, with your relationships and just to become spiritually charged for optimum success in the marketplace.

Call in @ 11:59 p.m. nightly 
Monday Oct 6 to Sunday Oct 13

Prayer Call In 209.647.1600  Access: 378486# 
SKYPE FreeConferenceCallHD.2096471600

Submit prayer requests, praise reports or comments @ http://bit.ly/PrayReqSM.


prayer for success showersFather, Nothing compares to the relationship I have with You. I am in a love affair totally beyond compare. Nothing will ever separate Your love for me and I have no intentions of separating my love for You. It is endless! There is no beginning and no end. It is unconditional! Our love just is! I love You with every ounce of my being—heart, mind, body and soul. Loving You with every ounce of my being still pales in comparison to the breadth and depth of Your love for me. Amen. #showersblessing

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