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HOPP Ordination & Licensing Service: Elder-Elect Jacqui Showers & Licensing Minister Patricia Holmes Ellison (posthumously)


More than anything my beloved sister, the late Major Patricia Holmes Ellison, was excited about becoming a licensed Minister. She had toiled long and hard to complete the Ministers in Training Class at House of Prayer & Praise Ministries more than four years ago. Because of myriad health challenges, it was a daunting task for her but she never gave up. Unfortunately, she will not be able to personally be awarded her license.

As I prepare to be ordained on Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m., at House of Praise & Praise Ministries as an Elder, I can’t help but think about Patricia. It is bittersweet because I always knew that we would experience this elevation together. I would ponder how my Mother and Father would be so pleased with our accomplishments and how proud our family would be.

It is not to be. In May of 2013, God called Patricia home. I will physically stand alone.

No doubt she will be on my mind and in my heart throughout the ceremony. Yes, they will posthumously recognize her; but the thrill of us standing together is no more. The joy that I have is more for her sacrifice in her pursuit of being a Minister. Patricia had been diagnosed with 78 diseases with at least five of them that could kill her instantly as a result of her serving in Desert Storm. Her faith and perseverance was unshakeable. I celebrate her life and her accomplishments.

There are times when I feel cheated. Death snatched her away before we could participate in this ordainment and licensing ceremonies.

On that evening, if possible, I extend an invitation (see below) for you to join me in this auspicious occasion. If you can’t please keep me in your prayers as I celebrate my sister, Major Patricia Holmes Ellison, and her posthumous elevation to Minister and my ordainment to Elder.



prayer for success showersFather, Thank you for answered prayer. Though the answer may tarry, I will never stop seeking You in prayer until You give me peace in the answer. I unequivocally know that before I prayed You had already answered and dispatched Your angels on my behalf. Amen. #showersblessing

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