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5 Ways to Brand & Market in the Midst of Fear | Branding & Marketing On Less Than a Shoestring Budget | Jacqui Showers

Trepidation is inherent in anything new you want you to tackle. It doesn’t really go away, but what happens is that you do it even in the midst of the fear. You may be experiencing some trepidation about branding and marketing and what you don’t know. That is typical. It is atypical if you don’t.

  1. Every actionable step you take will cause those voices to eventually be silenced. Those negative voices in your head may appear to be overwhelming, but you have the power to silence their perceived power by taking action. Those words of self-doubt will diminish as you begin to move forward and just get busy.
  2. You have to ask yourself if you, your company, service or product is worth it. You may have a great idea but if no one knows about its greatness, it is like having none at all. Don’t be afraid to tackle branding and marketing and shamelessly trumpeting far and wide.
  3. Believe it or not you have confidence and courage. You’ve already exhibited confidence and courage by doing more than most. You have something to brand and market! You took a step out of the realm of fear and you will continue to take steps as you embrace branding and marketing and just do it.
  4. Your diligence will cause the money to come. The more you position yourself in the marketplace and people become aware of your product or service, the money will come. I can guarantee if you don’t brand and market, the money won’t come. No one will know you exist and so they can’t support you or become your next customer or client.
  5. You may not have an enormous amount of money, but you have ingenuity. Lack of money will not be able to stop you, because your ingenuity will overshadow your lack of money. It is your ingenuity that will allow you to move past all of the negative voices that say you can’t. You will only hear the voice that resonates loud and clear, “You can!” Believe me you will!

Are you still experiencing trepidation? Well, move past it and brand and market like a pro. Yes, on less than a shoe string budget.

Connect with me, share your concerns and questions and find out what you can do to Brand and Market on Less Than a Shoestring Budget.

Jacqui Showers is the Founder of The ME Place Institute and the Oh Break Out Empowerment & Leadership Experience. She coaches individuals, ministries, emerging and small businesses on how to brand and market on less than a shoe string budget.

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prayer for success showersFather, The agony of sickness and disease causes me to cry out to You. You are my present help in this hour of need. Bless me not to grow weary but increase and strengthen my will to persevere. I will not become weary during this season and I will not faint. I decree and declare that I shall live and not die and proclaim the goodness of Your work throughout the land. Amen. #showersblessing

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