Daily Archives: January 16, 2015

Leap! It’s Friday! Showers’ Blessing Picspire | Jacqui Showers

Did you accomplish everything you set out to do or did you fall short? Don’t fret, you still have another week. Commit to making it a success. Evaluate what caused you not to be successful, determine in yourself you will be successful, adopt new systems that work and experience great success in the ensuing week. Now leap! It’s Friday!


prayer for success showersFather, I am free to be. Even in the midst of the fear I am free to be whatever You created me to be. I am free to be successful! I am free to be victorious! I am free to be creative! I am free to be wealthy! I am free to be healthy! I am free to have whatever I say! I am free to walk on the waters of faith and know I defy the gravitational pull of fear! I am free to be everything You envisioned—spiritually abundantly whole and wealthy! I am free! Amen. #showersblessing

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