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Plan Your Week, Work Your Plan! Succeed! | Showers’ Blessing Picspire | Jacqui Showers

Maximizing every second of every day of every week begins with planning. Take authority over your week by setting aside time to plan. Planning is your gateway to success. Now declare, “Because I plan my week and work my plan, I  succeed every single day!”



prayer for success showersFather, I know that I must love my neighbor as I love myself, but sometimes it’s difficult. This is especially true when people intentionally set out to hurt. Bless me to love those who persecute me, slander or defame my name, and who just don’t like me for no apparent reason. Teach me how to love them unconditionally and to forgive them regardless of the words and actions they wage against me. Bless me to walk in agape love every day. Amen #showersblessing #prayerforsuccess

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