Sweet Revenge: Life’s Defining Moments | Showers’ Blessing Inspires | Jacqui Showers

Graduation is a time of transitioning from one season of life to another. All the excitement surrounding graduation includes senior activities culminating with the prom and graduation. The year my niece graduated I was so excited because she was more like the daughter I never had. After her mother passed, I moved in with her and her father to help get her through those difficult adolescent years.

One of her finest moments during her graduation season happened at her senior photo shoot. As I stood there watching her she looked beautiful. Then I noticed a young man standing next to me was as much in awe of my niece as I was. He was looking at her so intently that I thought to myself, well he must really think she’s pretty.

Once we were back in the dressing room my niece asked me did I see that boy out there. I said, “Yes, I couldn’t help but see him because he was staring so hard at you.” She went on to remind me about when she was in middle school and would come home almost every day upset, telling me about a boy who told her she was so ugly no would ever want to date her and she definitely would never get married. During that time, I would reassure her that he was wrong and not to believe him. Needless to say, when you are in middle school your peers’ opinions rank far above any adult’s.

My niece proceeded to say how he did not remember her until she reminded him of the mean things he had said to her. He immediately started back peddling and exclaiming how sorry and wrong he was and kept repeating over and over how pretty she looked. As I listened to my niece tell this story and saw the huge grin of victory on her face, I knew that this was one of her finest moments. It was in that instance that she moved from living in the realm of what others say about her to believing all God had created her to be.

Unfortunately, many of us never get to encounter those people who spoke venom about us and in many instances caused us to spiral downward. Unlike my niece, many of us may never have that defining moment of sweet revenge when you come face-to-face with your accuser and you look absolutely stunning. However, your defining moment comes when you relinquish all the venom spoken about you and embrace only what God says.

You see, nobody knows you any better than Him. Nobody knows the greatness in you. He created you. He placed all the great things inside of you. He alone defines who you are. In the instance you embrace who God created you to be is when you begin to fulfill all your desires, your dreams and walk in your destiny on the path to fulfilling your purpose.

Question: What is your defining moment? How did it effect you? Share your comments with us.



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