Mirror Reflection: A Legacy Of You | Showers’ Blessing Inspires

More often than not I’m reminded of my mother simply because I look so much like her. I gaze into the mirror and I see her. I look down at my hands and I see her hands. My thighs resemble her thighs. Yes, my walk, especially when I don’t intentionally sashay across the room, is her walk tethering from side-to-side. Not only do I see her in me, I see her in my siblings as well. I see her in my nieces and nephews even those who never had the great opportunity to meet her.

Unfortunately and fortunately, my Mother has made her transition from this world to that of her Father’s. The impact she made continues to have far-reaching effects into generations yet to be born.

I remember after my Mother made her transition, I found a steno notebook where she had written, “Lord please make my life count.” Wow! Didn’t she know how much her life counted? All I could think of is the impact she had made on my life, my siblings, my friends and countless others that I may never know about. Yet, she had written those words, I suspect, at a time when she queried God about her purpose on this earth.

I can remember the numerous times I wrote letters to her while living in Washington DC about my undying commitment, gratitude and love for her just for simply being my Mother. I knew as I wrote them that her proudest moment would come when they were read at the church as they honored mothers. I wasn’t always there, but I wanted everyone to know what she meant to me and how much she impacted my life and others.

Even in her life anew with her Father, the impact is even more pronounced. I often wish she was here with me to see that all of what she poured into me and sacrificed for me was not in vain. It has and continues to manifest its purpose. The more I mature in Christ, the more I realize she exhibited a quiet confidence of liberty and freedom in her relationship with God. It is because of this I am able to embrace Him with total abandonment and liberation.

Oftentimes I wish I can still express to her just how much her life counted. It is rewarding to me when I speak with siblings and each of us have not only our shared moments, but our unique memories of her impact our lives.

We celebrate each and every day when we embrace and live out the legacy she passed to each of us. It was and continues to be a legacy of love and commitment to family. It is a huge responsibility, but one in which we all have embraced. That is why we get together so frequently. That is why we pray together every Saturday morning. That is why we love each other no matter what. That is why no one will allow another to pull away. We are committed to her legacy.

As you celebrate this Mother’s Day, cherish all that your mother poured into you. Even if all you can cherish is that she birthed you into this world, honor her for it. Mother’s are special people who should always know that their lives count and their legacy continues. If you don’t believe me just gaze into the mirror. You see…you’re a living testament of that fact.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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