Don’t Throw In the Towel | Showers’ Blessing Inspires | Jacqui Showers

We live in a time when the greed factor is experienced on both sides of the work equation. You have employers who do not value their employees in creating a harmonious environment that inspires creative collaborative productivity. Conversely, you have employees whose primary concern is the wages earned and not a commitment to excellence. This dichotomy of non-commitment has to do with each not understanding they are to serve each other.

The “at will” mentality has fostered distrust and a self-centered work ethic, not to mention a bodacious “what’s in it for me” attitude. Employers are worried that employees will leave without warning and employees share the same sentiment that an employer will waltz them into an office and serve them a pick slip.

We are to serve each other.

Serving must never be tossed aside. The strength of any company is its employees. When employees are happy and secure, it makes for a winning combination. It can be a vicious cycle if employees are under-valued that causes management’s frustration. The cycle begins with management and ends with management. You see your oppression of any kind produces stagnation in employees and their stagnation causes your frustration. Servant leadership always fosters liberation that ignites employees to perform with excellence.

Employees have a responsibility as well. Their attitudes and actions can have a diverse effect on their employer. If they have a lackluster attitude about their respective position the employer is going to respond accordingly. I recall being an employee who expected much from my boss, but I wasn’t doing my part. I came to work late. Did whatever I wanted and expected more from her. Yes, she had her issues of wanting to relegate me to a position of inferiority because she felt I was not a part of the professional staff. Let me clarify something. If you are working a job, you are a part of the professional staff.

It caused me to rebel and not perform at my best. Two wrongs don’t make a right. This was my second job out of high school and I had a lot to learn. Regardless of her actions, I still had to perform my job well. It took a few years for me to come to that realization and to change. She never embraced the transformation because she was locked on the person I used to be. That was fine. My vantage point had broaden. I owed my employer my best in exchange for my wages and their confidence in hiring me to do the job well. Not to mention, I wanted more and had to break bad work habits if I ever expected to perform well in my next position.

Servant leadership and stewardship is the hallmark for success. Each must respect and understand it is a mutually beneficial relationship. Each is a servant to the other. When both make a decision not to throw in the towel, but to serve each other with a spirit of excellence everyone wins. The employee no longer feels their efforts are under-valued, and the employer respects the value of the employee’s contribution which makes for a winning relationship.

Each must take an end of the towel of service and serve each other with all their hearts, minds and soul. Don’t throw in the towel, it is still much serving to do.

As a marketplace influencer do you have a servant’s attitude? Regardless if you are the boss or not, do you understand that you are a servant first?

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