6 Hacks for Planning Proficiency | Branding and Marketing On Less Than a Shoestring Budget | Jacqui Showers

One of the biggest obstacles to you succeeding is lack of planning. You have to plan. There is no getting around it. I guess there is a way of getting around it, but that constitutes failure. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, why would you want to fail? You don’t! Nobody wants to fail. Each of us have been wired to succeed. Along the way the wires may become disconnected, but with careful planning you can get reconnected and still succeed. These six principles can help you along the way.

  1. Learn your ABC’S of planning. If you never plan you will be stuck at point A and never make it to Z. Heck! You’ll never get to B for that matter. Dreams only become reality when you wake up and write it down. Wake up. Begin writing. Now execute it. It begins with planning every step one letter at a time.
  2. Get unstuck. You have been at the same place for a while. It is called lack of focus. Bring everything into focus with planning. If you don’t plan it is a micro dot on the horizon that remains afar off. You can’t seem to move towards it, because you have no road map to get you there. Plan it out. Watch how fast you reach your destination. Zoom! You’re already at that infamous place called thereplan-3d. All because you took time to plan.
  3. It’s all in my head. As long as it is in your head, it’s going to stay there like a dead head. The vision is given, but then you got to write the vision. How do you expect to move forward with the vision and you have not written it down. You don’t! In your head only, it can’t get into others heads. Get it out your head, so it can get its wings and take flight.
  4. I don’t have time to plan. That’s one of the biggest lies I’ve ever heard. If you don’t have time to plan, then you don’t have time to be successful. Fail to plan and you are definitely planning to fail. Respect planning and you demonstrate that you respect success. The only way you’re going to maximize your journey to success you have to plan it out each and every day. Without it, you will never experience your full potential and success will elude you.
  5. Where do I start? I am confused. Be confused no more. It begins with planning. It ends with planning. Everything else is execution. You can’t execute effectively if you don’t plan. Write the plan. Make it plain. Now run passionately with it. Others will follow as long as you have a plan. There’s no reason to run in circles because you failed to plan. Fail to plan. You fail to execute. Heck! You just fail.
  6. Start somewhere. If five years seems too much just plan for one year. If one year is overwhelming, just plan for six months. If that causes you stress, then do it for a month. Can’t seem to do that, just plan out a week. If that throws you off, plan a day. Just plan an hour and go from there. If you never embrace planning, you’ll never succeed. You got to start somewhere. It might as well be now.

What prevents you from planning? Are you working your plan every day? Have you shared it with others to help you move the plan forward? Love to hear…leave your comments below. 


Connect with me, share your concerns and questions and find out what you can do to Brand and Market on Less Than a Shoestring Budget.

Jacqui Showers is the Founder of The ME Place and the Oh Break Out Empowerment & Leadership Experience. She coaches individuals, ministries, emerging and small businesses on how to brand and market on less than a shoe string budget.

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