Happy Thanksgiving! SPARK Someone!



Reflecting on holiday seasons of the past, I remember a few years ago my late pastor, Bishop Steven J. Bennett, charged us to spread spontaneous positive acts of random kindness (SPARK). Those words have been resonating in my mind all week. In essence to SPARK someone with joy that ignites into a blazing flame of love, kindness and joy being spread throughout this holiday season.

You see, all it takes is one act of kindness that in turn causes another act of kindness from someone else. It can be as simple as calling someone on the phone and letting them know how much you care and the joy they bring into your life. Or, while out shopping letting the cashier, the sales person or whomever know how much you appreciate the job they are doing. You can also invite someone for dinner who otherwise may spend the holiday alone. There are myriad ways. Use your ingenuity.

In essence, you let them know how much their life matters and how overjoyed their life has intersected with yours. Every time you SPARK someone you are spreading the love and joy inherent in the holiday season. The irony of SPARKing someone else, is that you are in essence SPARKing yourself. It ignites joy in knowing that you have done something to bring joy to someone else. It is endless joy being spread from one person to another.

As the 2015 holiday season kicks-off, make a concerted effort to SPARK someone. I am. It begins with me SPARKing you.

I appreciate your support. I appreciate that our paths intersect every day. I celebrate the greatness God has placed inside of you. I celebrate your future. I celebrate your life! I celebrate you!

Now you’ve been SPARKed! Do the same for someone else.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessing to ya’

Jacqui Showers

The Bold Encourager
Business Encouragement Coach

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