Make Monday Magnificent! Marketplace Meditations | Jacqui Showers


Don’t allow your Monday to be mundane and view it as just another long week. View it with excitement and determination to make it magnificent in kicking off a successful week.

  1. Be Excited. Your attitude plays a big part on how magnificent your Monday can be. If you begin your week with excitement, you will tackle your week determined to be magnificently successful every day. Your productivity will be a direct reflection of your attitude. All of this enthusiasm will be transferred to everyone who comes into your sphere of influence.
  2. Plan to be magnificent. Take time Monday morning to plan out your week. This will make the difference in feeling overwhelmed from having an overwhelming feeling of achievement. If you begin your week knowing that you can achieve anything, each subsequent day will emulate it as you take a few minutes to review your plan and make the necessary adjustments for that respective day.
  3. Have some fun. All work and no play can make you boring. Get in some exercise to get those creative endorphins in gear. Every task you tackle, do it with energy. Having fun of any kind will make the difference in how you tackle your week and your day. Factor in some fun time.
  4. Incorporate meditation. Take a moment to meditate and seek guidance before your day begins will provide you with divine direction. It also gives you peace and tranquility that prepares you for anything that may come your way. It grounds you for the unexpected.
  5. Get some rest. The only way you can keep up the pace and be productive, you have to be renewed, refreshed and revitalized for success. Don’t keep such long hours that you miss the necessary sleep you need. In the 24-hour day factor in 6-8 hours of rest. It does wonders for your attitude, your productivity and your success.

Now enjoy your magnificent Monday as it kicks-off a productive energized week of achievement and success. Share some of the ways you will make or made your week magnificent.

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