Why Doesn’t He Speak To Me? | Showers’ Blessing Inspires | Jacqui Showers

SB-Quotes-recognize-Gods-voiceMy niece-daughter’s little boy acts very shy when he first sees me. He won’t say anything to me he just watches me. Sometimes peering from behind his mother’s leg he pays close attention to me as he sums me up. All the while I’m trying to cajole him into embracing and talking to me. Sometimes this goes on for several minutes. The more I reach out to him I begin to see that he opens up to me. Before you know it, he has grabbed my hand as he leads me throughout the house. All the while he is talking to me incessantly. Two way conversations ignite as we develop a relationship. He has learned to recognize my voice and realize that I am truly his friend.

One day after spending the day with him and his mom, he accidently called me. Earlier that day he was reciting his ABC’s to me. He recognized my voice and when I asked him to say his ABC’s he begin to bellow them out in his anticipation to hear my voice. Once he finished I begin to shout with joy. I can see his face beaming as he repeated them again with the same expectation to hear from me once he had completed them.

Oftentimes people say God doesn’t speak to them or hear them. They feel as though they are praying into an abyss and no one is listening. It is not that God is not listening, but oftentimes we don’t speak to him often enough to recognize His voice.

You see, it is hard to hear from God when you can’t recognize his voice because you have not established relationship with Him. Cultivating the relationship requires continual interaction with Him on a daily basis. Not just when you find yourself in a whirlwind of trouble. Why should God hastily respond to you when you have not given Him that same priority?

In the tsunamis of our lives we feel that when we seek God we can’t hear Him. We are expecting to hear a vociferous reply when in actuality He is responding in a small whisper. Because you haven’t spent enough time in His presence you cannot hear Him—or more precisely you cannot recognize His voice. Oftentimes it appears as though others have a higher frequency to hear from Him. The more time you spend with God even in the faintness of His voice you will recognize it and know that He hears you as well.

Communication always entails a two-way transmission. One gives. One receives. Cultivation of the relationship requires frequent communication in order to build trust and intimacy. When one person appears to be aloof or silent they are in the process of assessing whether or not You can be trusted with what they will give you. It is no difference with you.

You trust God in the bad times and expect Him to be there simply because you have made yourself known to Him. What about the good times when He has been beckoning you to come into His presence and you simply don’t have enough time? Don’t you realize that the same rejection you feel is how God feels?

You see when you quiet yourself and make Him the priority of your life, your frequency of hearing Him elevates. God is not a good time God. He is an all the time God. Regardless of your situation, God is always there. He is there in the famine just as He is in the overflow. Many times we are only there in the famine seeking Him and almost demanding that He responds at our every beck and call.

Before the storm hits cultivate that relationship with Him in prayer and meditation. Make time to get to know Him so you will be able to recognize His voice with clarity and certainty. Don’t always be a receiver of His love; but pour out your love on Him as well. Then when you make a call to Him, hopefully not accidently like my grandson called me, you will be able to recite your ABC’s and God will respond with shouts of excitement as I did.



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