Daily Archives: March 18, 2016

Free to Be Me! | Showers’ Blessing PicSpire | Jacqui Showers

Because today God is first just thank God I’m free! You’ve been productive, stayed focused and accomplished a lot. Even if you didn’t, it’s the end of the week and just enjoy it. Be free to be me! #showersblessing #ohbreakout #themeplace #IDECIDED



Father, I am worthy because you said I am worthy. No one in the world can tell me otherwise. Your grace validates me as worthy and I receive it through faith in Your Son Jesus Christ. I am not worthy through any of my plans or efforts, but it is Your gift, pure and simple. I can’t brag about this worthiness as though I had done something truly amazing to earn it. It is Your gift to me because You fearfully and wonderfully created me to achieve greatness. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess

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