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Celebrating Mothers! | Showers’ Blessing Inspires

SB-Picquire-Celebrating MotherEnjoy this encore post, Celebrating Mothers, written a few years ago celebrating my Birth Mother and my Spiritual Mother.

This past weekend I celebrated motherhood with my spiritual mother who turned 80-years old. I remember not so many years ago celebrating my biological mother’s 80th birthday. Naturally, the celebration caused me to reflect on a mother’s love and how blessed I am to have two people who nurtured my growth and loved me unconditionally.

Mothers have an awesome task regardless if they are your natural mother or not. What I realize is that there are those who become surrogate mothers for whatever reason. It has nothing to do with age, because I was over-grown when I met Arneta Supples, my spiritual mother. My birth mother, had recently made her transition. Never did I ever think that I could embrace someone else as mother.

My Mother

You see, my mother, Rosie Showers, means the world to me. I simply loved and adored her and continue to do so even to this day. I, according to my mother, was her baby and would always be her baby. I took such pride in those words. The mother-daughter relationship and friendship we shared was priceless. I continue to grow and increase daily from her life’s lessons.

My Spiritual Mother

Mother Supples embraced me as one of her own daughters. She was always there, similar to my birth mother, with a quiet-confidence offering advice and guidance through the good and tough times.

Interestingly enough, I celebrate both of their birthdays this month along with Mother’s Day. I look just like my birth mother. It is unbelievable when I gaze into the mirror and it is as though she gazes back at me or I look at my hands and I see her hands. Ironically, my middle name is the same as the first name as my spiritual mother.

Yet these two women have been instrumental in my natural and spiritual maturation process. I celebrate both of their lives, Rosie Showers and Arneta Supples, because of how they touched and influenced my life and each of them loved me unconditionally.

Celebrate the mothers in your life. Without them where would we be?

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