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In a movie or theatrical performance, they search for the right person to be cast in that role. In their search they go through a process of elimination enabling them to select the right person. There are various criteria they may consider. It doesn’t have to do with rather or not they are an accomplished performer or not, as much as it has to do with if they are the right person to be cast in that role. Finally, they make their selection, because they feel they have found the right person.

God, unlike man, didn’t go through a period of searching for someone to play you. He created the role of your life specifically for you. As such, no one else can play the role of your life, but you. He perfectly cast you for the part. You are not too fat…or too skinny. You are not too dark…or too light. You are not too tall…or too short. You are just right for the role God created for you. There is no one else who can be you, but you. Conversely, you cannot be anyone else because their role was created for them.

In the process of creating the role for you, God also envisioned you being successful. Whatever is preventing you from embracing that success, you got to deal with it. There is no reason why you should still be wondering what to do. It is easy to know. Just take a moment and ask God. Once He tells you, do whatever He says to do and do it with unbridled passion, fervor and fearlessness. You have already been cast in the perfect role with every resource you need to be successful.

Some of you are going to be entrepreneurs. Be the best entrepreneur you can be. Don’t get stuck in a job because you think that is who you are. If you are frustrated, your frustration comes from not being the person God created You to be. Go ahead and start that business.

I always encourage others to go back to your childhood. The initial revelation of who God created You to be is there. In the deep crevices of Your heart, you know who you are. Believe in yourself enough to just be you.

Recently, I was talking with someone who told me that when they were younger, they loved to write poetry. Even now they had poetry, books and plays inside of them. Yet, they were trying to figure out what is their ministry . . . what is their purpose. Whatever God created you to do is your ministry—that is your purpose for being. Your ministry is beyond the four walls of church and extend into the marketplace.

As we talked, I explained to her that her gifting is where her ministry lies. More than likely, her writing is all a part of who she was created to be. She didn’t want to have those gifts and talents to die an untimely death and never realize their potential to transform lives in the earth. You see, every talent, skill and gift is to help someone else. Nothing was created just for ourselves, including ourselves. That is the reason God created Eve, because He knew Adam needed her.

In the process of being you, know that You have been perfectly cast for the part. It is up to you. It begins with believing in yourself. Just be you! Be the best you that you can be. That is all God requires of you.

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