Make Monday Magnificent! | Showers’ Blessing PicSpire | Jacqui Showers

Why do you think Monday is so dreadful? From the onset of the weekend, most people are dreading Monday. No wonder it is so hard to wake up on Monday morning. No wonder it is so hard to get moving.

What if, just what if, your perspective about Monday was transformed from that of dread into one of Monday being magnificent? How much more productive would you be? How much more energy and determination to succeed would you have.

Overcome any negative thoughts about Monday you may have with a determination that you are going to Make Monday Magnificent. Believe me when your mindset changes about Monday, week-long success is evitable. Believe it or not, how you start the week can have a major impact on how you finish it. You see, if you dread Monday than it is going to have an adverse effect on Friday, because when Friday comes you can’t celebrate the weekend because you are already dreading Monday. Invading negative thoughts creeping into your weekend.

If you determine within yourself that you are going to Make Monday Magnificent, the rest of your week can’t help but be magnificent. Even more, your weekend will be magnificent, because those invading negative thoughts have been harnessed to anticipate the next magnificent Monday. It flows into a magnificent week. A productive cycle embedded in success that is well worth the transformation of your thoughts about Monday and making it magnificent.

Do you dread Monday? What can you do to make Monday magnificent? Leave your comments below.

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