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I Earned It! Narcotic Dogs’ Approach to Success | Showers’ Blessing PicSpire | Jacqui Showers


Professional canines armed for success confidently anticipates their reward. They know when they accomplish their goal, it is time to receive their prize that can be as small as a tennis ball. Imagine, the abundance of your rewards if you adopted a dog’s approach to success.

In a conversation with a police officer, I was amazed at the relentlessness of narcotic dogs. The person was explaining how those dogs will not give up until they have found their prey. These dogs enter that house and no matter where the drugs are hidden they will find them, because they have one objective and that is to get the toy for achieving success in finding the drugs. Regardless of where their perceived prey (drugs) may be, they are determined to find it in order for them to get their ultimate goal which is to be able to play with the toy.

Relentlessness pays a big dividend to your success. When you adopt the same relentlessness as those narcotic dogs, you will experience unparalleled success. You will acquire a dogmatic attitude in pursuit of your goals. Regardless of the obstacles that may confront you, you will never give in to them. Just like those narcotic dogs, you won’t allow obstacles to stand in your way. If you don’t have the ability to do it yourself, you will team up with someone that does.

Partnering with others can be a major catalyst to your success. Those narcotic dogs cannot be successful without their partner police officers. Without the police officers the dogs would never be able to get to their destinations. No one becomes successful by themselves. You need someone else. There is a reason God said that man should not be alone. Just like those dogs need the support of their police partners, the police officers need the support of those dogs. Purpose ignites purpose.

You have to understand the mandate of the assignment. Those dogs understood their assignment. They were focused. Nothing distracted them from their assignment. They didn’t try to drive the police car because they knew their assignment. You have to learn to stay focused on your assignment. In essence, stay in your own lane. It is the distractions away from your assignment that cause you not to be successful. Identify those distractions and don’t allow them to prevent you from reaching your goals.

Being committed you understand that you are not working for anyone but God. When you are able to move beyond yourself to a higher call, you will be dedicated to your assignment. You no longer work for someone else, but everything you do you do it with the express purpose of pleasing God. Those dogs worked to please those police officers in charge of them. It didn’t matter if they were watching them or not. Once they were released and given their assignment, they took off and didn’t quit until they had completed the assignment.

Fearlessness propels you forward. Cowardice no longer is a part of your make up. Those dogs are fearless, because they are determined to achieve their goal. They never lose sight of it. Fear of the unknown or anyone will not stop them. You have to be just as fearless in order for you to be unstoppable! Fear’s mandate is to stop you from being successful. Even in the midst of fear, you got to forge ahead. The more you burst past the fear, your confidence increases manifold.

Victory breeds victory. Those dogs knew that once they found the drugs they would receive their prize. Your determined fearlessness to be successful, enables you to reap your reward as well.

Are you relentless to achieve success? What is getting in the way of your success? How can you overcome them.

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Father, Bless me to follow the path You have for me, even when it seems as though it’s moving at a snail’s pace. Bless me with the patience to endure. I will be diligent as I meander forward, knowing every hurdle I encounter I am more than able to overcome. I can’t give up! If I do, I will miss my suddenly moment of success. I am determined to do more than just continue, but to be victorious. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess


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