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Our weekly Wednesday inspiration—your mid-week pick-up, that showers you with the rich-transforming blessings of God as you become all God envisioned so you can experience what God S.A.W. (Spiritual, Abundance and Wholeness).


Father, Thank You so very much for doing exceedingly abundantly far more than I would ever dare ask or even dream of—infinitely beyond my highest prayers, dreams, desires, thoughts, or hopes. Mere thanks do not adequately express my gratitude. Thank You so very much for loving, caring and protecting me every day and for blessing me with the best gift of Your Spirit to succeed beyond my loftiest expectations in every facet of my life. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess


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Father, Thank You for blessing me to be a blessing. You have blessed me with an enterprising spirit and a thriving business to create wealth in creating opportunities for others. As I servant leader, I humbly serve Your people with the same love and compassion as Jesus did when He fed the five thousand. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess


Be the first to get an autographed copy Prayers for Success: Igniting the World to Achieve Success. These bold powerful declarative prayers are designed to empower and transform you for illimitable success every day of the year. Pre-order your signed copy Prayers for Success: Igniting the World to Achieve Success today.

Merry Christmas! Celebrating Love!


As I was perusing through Facebook and reading some of the comments, I heard a recurring echo that many were not feeling Christmas this year. For some it was because of the loss of a loved one and the holidays have taken on some new complexities. Other voiced that they couldn’t put their finger on it, but they just weren’t “feeling it.” Even myself in the past few years have had to push myself through the Christmas holiday season.

At one point in my journey, and to a vast extent now, Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. It is as much about being with family and friends as it is about the birth of Jesus. I believe that embedded in being with family and friends is the birth of Jesus because of love. In recent years, our family dynamic has changed. We have lost family members who have made their transitions. There are those who have elected not to participate for whatever reason. It doesn’t stop Christmas from being memorable.

Christmas was the highlight of my year. I anticipated it as much as I did when I was young child. Even when I lived away, not coming home for Christmas was never an option. I anticipated celebrating every day with family and friends that kicked off on Christmas Eve and culminated on New Year’s Day.

Things change. Sometimes I find myself longing for those days of old. This year, I made a conscious decision to just enjoy the holidays. It is too important in our lives. With so much happening and many still reeling from such a contemptuous presidential campaign and even post-campaign events that ignites uncertainty, I can’t help but believe what is happening in our society is also playing a role in how we feel this holiday season.

There comes a time when the true meaning of Christmas must take paramount over feelings and outside circumstances. I realized years ago, it was beyond feelings, gift giving or decorations. It was rooted in living out the greatest two commandments to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

God loved us so much that He sent His only Son that we would not only have eternal life, but experience an abundant life here on earth. It exemplifies his unconditional love for us. I believe with all my heart, we must move beyond the feelings, woes and even the loses and embrace love.

Love for family. Love for friends. Love for neighbors. Just love for everyone regardless if they are like us or not or espouse to our philosophies or beliefs. We truly need to just love.

With love comes joy, peace, faith, happiness and the sheer ability to look beyond everything else and enjoy the Christmas season. Join me in making love the guiding force that propels you through this joyous season of celebration.

Have a Merry Awesomely Blessed Christmas!

Jacqui Showers

The Bold Encourager
Business Encouragement Coach

Celebrating Thanksgiving! Celebrating Family!


As I approached this Thanksgiving, I was somewhat melancholy. I found myself missing so many family members and friends who were no longer here. Yes, I longed for Thanksgivings of yesteryear. Reflecting back, I realized that this was my most favorite time of the year, the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Although I lived hundreds of miles away from my family, I always managed to travel back to share in the holiday festivities. Rather than allow myself to be pulled into a place of melancholy, I decided to celebrate their lives by enjoying the holiday season.

Many are experiencing the loss of loved ones as they celebrate the first Thanksgiving without them. Others just missed their loved ones, like me, even though they may have made their transitions in previous years. Nevertheless, it causes you to reflect on how much you miss them, love them and cherish their memory.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving and the rest of the Christmas season, garner joy in knowing how much their lives touched yours and brought meaning to you and how much you touched theirs. Don’t be afraid to remember all the great times shared. I am not minimizing the intensity of the loss, I know it quite well having lost mother, father, four sisters, a niece, two nephews, uncles, aunts, cousins, two pastors and friends. I am no stranger to it.

I realize celebrating their life, contributions and legacies is more beneficial for my well-being. Remembering them is all of part of moving forward. They are as much a part of me as they were before they exited this life. Love and memories live in the heart and can never be destroyed. If you want to cry and shed some tears, that’s all right. Go ahead and do it. But also, laugh about the good times as well. Cherish and delight in the memories. Don’t allow the melancholy of the loss to consume you and push out the great memories you shared. Make a concerted effort to celebrate their life with joyful appreciation of how it brought meaning to yours.

If you have never lost anyone, reach out to someone who has. Spend time with them in celebrating their loved one. Don’t become impatient when they talk about them too much. They just need a compassionate listening ear. You’re there to help them through a difficult process. What an awesome gift to give—the gift of you.

Whatever holiday traditions you had, believe me your loved ones want you to continue with them. They enjoyed them while they were here with you and they want you to continue to enjoy them. Not to mention, for you to pass on to subsequent generations the importance of family and upholding family traditions.

That’s my commitment. Not to focus on what is a perceived loss, but that I am and have been so blessed with family, both then and now. In our hearts, each one is always with me. Won’t you join me in celebrating Thanksgiving for every blessing of family God gave each of us!

Have a Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!

Jacqui Showers

The Bold Encourager
Business Encouragement Coach

Don’t Believe the Hype: Against All Odds | Showers’ Blessing Inspires | Jacqui Showers

“No one can ever tell me that a woman cannot raise a man,” my only brother stated at my mother’s 80th Birthday Celebration. “Because my mother raised me,” he added. On that day I don’t remember anything any of my sisters said nor can I remember anything I said, but my brother’s words continue to resonate loudly in my ears.

My brother communicated so eloquently all that my mother had taught him. Over the years in one conversation after another he has shared even more. I remember when he said that he told my mother that he wanted to be a “pimp.” According to my brother, my mother sat him down and explained in detail that was not a vocation he wanted to pursue. She told him the importance of loving and treating women with respect. After that conversation his mind was changed as well as the vocation he would pursue. He went on to attend Center for Creative Studies and became a Graphic Designer.

In a family where he was the only son of ten children—and a twin at that, he could have easily accepted the dismal statistic associated with a male growing up in a single parent home headed up by a woman. It would have been easy to use this as an excuse to treat women badly and not to excel in life.

Sometimes you just can’t believe in the “hype” of statistics; because if you do, they will be the governing force of your life. Yes, statistics have their place. You have to determine within yourself that their place is not to direct you down a pathological path of destruction, but one that catapults you to supersede the limitations inherent in the numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in research and I understand its importance. However, far too often it is used as an excuse not to excel. Behavioral issues are always qualified by statistics. When in actuality it is taking responsibility for your actions. Unfortunately, our society has provided a scapegoat for many of the ills that plague our communities. Repeatedly, via the media, our community, and yes our families, these limiting statistics are talked about even more than the liberating Words of God.

What if we transformed our words to quote God’s promises of an abundant life rather than statistics? What if, rather than presenting the glass half empty, we illustrate that it is three-quarters half filled? What if, we drowned out the negative statistical numbers and focused on those that defied the odds?

You know what would happen? I do! Those statistics would not determine the outcome of children, but the positive words we speak. You know what, all those jails that have been built to house young men, most notably young African-American men, would have to be torn down and money poured into colleges and universities because they would have chosen another path. Why? Because the transforming words spoken would propel them to choose a better alternative.

When we no longer glorify negative lifestyles depicted in the media and ultimately emerge into our society, we will begin to see transformation happen. Don’t believe the hype! Our words have power! Our lifestyles have power! Believe me they are more powerful than statistics.

My mother didn’t believe in them. Thank God, neither did my brother!

Are you allowing statistics to determine your destiny? Are you overcoming statistics? 

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I Earned It! Narcotic Dogs’ Approach to Success | Showers’ Blessing PicSpire | Jacqui Showers


Professional canines armed for success confidently anticipates their reward. They know when they accomplish their goal, it is time to receive their prize that can be as small as a tennis ball. Imagine, the abundance of your rewards if you adopted a dog’s approach to success.

In a conversation with a police officer, I was amazed at the relentlessness of narcotic dogs. The person was explaining how those dogs will not give up until they have found their prey. These dogs enter that house and no matter where the drugs are hidden they will find them, because they have one objective and that is to get the toy for achieving success in finding the drugs. Regardless of where their perceived prey (drugs) may be, they are determined to find it in order for them to get their ultimate goal which is to be able to play with the toy.

Relentlessness pays a big dividend to your success. When you adopt the same relentlessness as those narcotic dogs, you will experience unparalleled success. You will acquire a dogmatic attitude in pursuit of your goals. Regardless of the obstacles that may confront you, you will never give in to them. Just like those narcotic dogs, you won’t allow obstacles to stand in your way. If you don’t have the ability to do it yourself, you will team up with someone that does.

Partnering with others can be a major catalyst to your success. Those narcotic dogs cannot be successful without their partner police officers. Without the police officers the dogs would never be able to get to their destinations. No one becomes successful by themselves. You need someone else. There is a reason God said that man should not be alone. Just like those dogs need the support of their police partners, the police officers need the support of those dogs. Purpose ignites purpose.

You have to understand the mandate of the assignment. Those dogs understood their assignment. They were focused. Nothing distracted them from their assignment. They didn’t try to drive the police car because they knew their assignment. You have to learn to stay focused on your assignment. In essence, stay in your own lane. It is the distractions away from your assignment that cause you not to be successful. Identify those distractions and don’t allow them to prevent you from reaching your goals.

Being committed you understand that you are not working for anyone but God. When you are able to move beyond yourself to a higher call, you will be dedicated to your assignment. You no longer work for someone else, but everything you do you do it with the express purpose of pleasing God. Those dogs worked to please those police officers in charge of them. It didn’t matter if they were watching them or not. Once they were released and given their assignment, they took off and didn’t quit until they had completed the assignment.

Fearlessness propels you forward. Cowardice no longer is a part of your make up. Those dogs are fearless, because they are determined to achieve their goal. They never lose sight of it. Fear of the unknown or anyone will not stop them. You have to be just as fearless in order for you to be unstoppable! Fear’s mandate is to stop you from being successful. Even in the midst of fear, you got to forge ahead. The more you burst past the fear, your confidence increases manifold.

Victory breeds victory. Those dogs knew that once they found the drugs they would receive their prize. Your determined fearlessness to be successful, enables you to reap your reward as well.

Are you relentless to achieve success? What is getting in the way of your success? How can you overcome them.

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Making Monday Matter Most | Showers’ Blessing Picspire | Jacqui Showers

Every finish starts with a beginning. For you to finish the week big, you have to kick-off the week strong. Monday matters most because it is the beginning of the week. Embracing it with enthusiasm as the first day of the work week will have a major impact on how you finish.

  1. If you view Monday as drudgery and find it hard to face, it is going to be hard to face the rest of your week. Conversely, if you embrace Monday as a kick off to experiencing great feats that only crescendos as the week progresses. By the end of the week your success ratio will have increased exponentially. Focus on the successes for the week that can only begin on Monday.
  2. Embrace an “I Can” attitude that translates into one successful accomplishment after another. That same attitude will follow you throughout the week, by the end of the week you will have completed more tasks and feel more energized as you face the ensuing week.
  3. Take a moment to plan out your day and your week. Nothing makes you feel great like knowing that you have taken authority. When you stop for a moment to plan out your week on Monday, you take authority over your week and your week does not take authority over you.
  4. Be flexible. Accept the fact that your best-made plans will have to make allowances for unexpected situations that you may not foresee. However, you can adjust your attitude to make way for those unperceived issues that take you away from your well-thought out week. Embrace them with enthusiasm and keep it moving. Make the shift and quickly return to your plan of action.
  5. Have a “pep rally me” moment. Celebrate every accomplishment, even if it is just a shout, “Hooray for me!” If you begin the week celebrating your accomplishments on Monday and carry that same attitude of celebration throughout, you will have a great celebration at the end of the week. Every day set aside time just to celebrate you, your effort and your accomplishments.

Embrace Monday with vigor, fervency and passion as a blueprint for week-long success. It all begins and ends with you. Leave comments below letting us know how you feel on Monday and what you’ve done to embrace Monday as an ally and not a foe.


Resurrection Power | Showers’ Blessing PicSpire


The power that ignited every dead cell in Jesus’ body operates in each of our lives. No grave could hold him down. No force can prevent you from operating with the same demonstrative power. Whatever has been holding you back, no longer has dominion over you. Never forget that you are strong in the power of God’s might; greater is He that is in you than any force that may try to come up against you. In celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, celebrate that same power inside of you enabling you to accomplish the impossible. #resurrectionpower #resurrectionsunday #showersblessing




Double Defense: Wisdom and Wealth | Showers’ Blessing Inspires

During the time when the Pistons had consecutive championships I was an avid fan, actually I was somewhat obsessed with the game. My favorite players were Dennis Rodman and Bill Laimbeer. They were awesome defensive players. In essence, they were fearless.

It didn’t matter how large the player was or how hard they charged them, they were not backing down. Defense is critical to winning. Offensively you take control, but you must have effective defensive players to win. They must be willing to take hard charges and protect you for you to get the winning play. In the case of two of my favorite players, Rodman and Laimbeer, you were doubly protected.

God lets us know that money is a defense. When money teams up with wisdom, it is double protection. Wisdom is the ultimate defense for winning. These two complement each other. You see, wisdom enables you to get wealth. In essence, wisdom clears the way enabling you to make it down the court while wealth is waiting to prevent anyone from stopping you in completing the play. Swoosh! Nothing can stop you when these two players, wisdom and wealth, are in play in your life.

Once you acquire wisdom you actually begin to truly live. We all have heard the adage, “Common sense isn’t so common.” Wisdom is within your grasp all You have to do is ask for it. It’s that simple. God has already said He would never withhold it from you—not an ounce of it. You may ask yourself, “Why is God so generous with wisdom?”

Quite simply, God knows when you get wisdom you can create anything you want to create and you can become anything you want to become. Wisdom gives you the illimitable ability to do the impossible. Wisdom protects as you proceed down life’s court with your sight on making the winning shot.

God formed the world with wisdom! He created this awesome masterpiece of a universe that continues to intrigue humankind with wisdom. Wow!

Can you imagine when you begin to seek wisdom and ask God for wisdom what that means. Everything you need is already inside of you waiting to be energized. Wisdom energizes you in a way that nothing in the world can do. The value of wisdom is immeasurable. It is more profitable than an inheritance or the most precious jewels. You see, wisdom continues to keep giving day after day as long as you tap into its power every day.

Money is a defense, but money alone is not enough. You see, Isaiah Thomas was the lead player on this winning team. They didn’t become a winner until Thomas understood that he needed the other players to win. In essence, he needed some defense. It is the same with money. You need wisdom as your ultimate defensive player along with the money to truly be a winner.

We’ve all heard of and probably intimately know of people who came into a lot of money and found themselves broke after a short period of time. Many people who hit the lottery are not ready for what all the money brings because they don’t have the wisdom to manage the money. Rather than money energizing and bringing life, it has in many instances brought apathy and death. Wisdom enables you to manage money as opposed to money managing you.

Wisdom energizes! It energizes you to amass wealth, but even more to make wise decisions about your money so it can be a defense for the rest of your life.

Money doesn’t get you wisdom; but wisdom can get you money. You can have money without wisdom and stand the chance of losing it all. Money coupled with wisdom is a double defense and fortifies you to succeed. When the two, money and wisdom, defensively complement each other you become unstoppable with the ability to experience tremendous success.

Get wisdom! Accumulate wealth! A double defense that ensures your success!


Wisdom is better when it’s paired with money, Especially if you get both while you’re still living. Double protection: wisdom and wealth! Plus this bonus: Wisdom energizes its owner. Eccl. 7:11-12 (MSG)

You’re blessed when you meet Lady Wisdom, when you make friends with Madame Insight. She’s worth far more than money in the bank; her friendship is better than a big salary. Her value exceeds all the trappings of wealth; nothing you could wish for holds a candle to her. With one hand she gives long life, with the other she confers recognition. Her manner is beautiful, her life wonderfully complete. She’s the very Tree of Life to those who embrace her. Hold her tight—and be blessed! Prov 3:13-18 (MSG)

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. James 1:5-6 (KJV)


Father, Thank You for a double defense–wisdom and money. Coupled together these two defensive players enable me to succeed as never before. I fully understand that money doesn’t provide me wisdom; because without wisdom money will seep through my hands because of my lack of knowledge in managing it properly. Money coupled with wisdom is double protection and fortifies me to succeed. Because I have both as my defense, I am unstoppable and able to confidently run up the court knowing I am already successful. Amen.

Teach Them To Fish

Give a person a fish they eat for a day. Teach a person to fish they will eat for a lifetime. If you teach them how to fish they will initially catch a gold fish; but as they master fishing they will catch a whale! As a master of fishing they will teach others not just how to fish, but how to catch a whale.

 ~Jacqui Showers

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