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Celebrate Memorial Day! | Showers’ Blessing Inspires

Our patriotism for those who fight and sacrifice so much, even their lives, for us is grossly under celebrated. Not long ago, I remember the patriotism of America for those who had given their lives. Flags hung from houses as we were proud Americans honoring our war dead. In school, we learned the battle and celebratory songs in celebration of our country and those who gallantly served this country with honor and dignity. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance with pride knowing it united us not just as a nation, but as a country committed to God.

Today, most of our children don’t know those songs because of cuts from our music departments and we don’t sing them at home as we once did. Most them don’t know the Pledge of Allegiance because God’s name is mentioned. We are more concerned about offending, than uniting in a nationwide commitment to our country and our freedom.

Many are not sure why we celebrate Memorial Day and just find joy in having another day off work. It is a time for us to celebrate our war dead. These are the women and men who unselfishly gave of themselves and sacrificed the ultimate in battle, their lives, so we can have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They exhibited the greatest love by dying for us to be free.

Join me this Memorial Day to celebrate the millions of women and men who died so we can enjoy freedoms unlike any other nation. Pray for the strength of their families who lost their loved ones, some during battle and others later with lingering wounds acquired during battle.

Let us join together with pride knowing that their efforts and sacrifice were not in vain and will never be forgotten. We salute each of them throughout the history of America for their bravery, their courage and their sacrifice for us to be one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Celebrate those who died for us! Celebrate Memorial Day!


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Celebrate Our Mother’s Legacy | Showers’ Blessing Inspires

Every May I celebrate life! I celebrate my mother and the legacy of her life. This year would have been my mother’s 100th birthday. Even though she has since left the earth realm almost 20 years ago, I continue to celebrate her life and thank God in His infinite wisdom I was born as her 10th child. Or in the words of my mother, “I am her baby and will always be her baby.” In this week, I celebrate both her life and my life.

A few years ago one of my grand-niece’s mother celebrated my mother’s life in a prayer. She extolled my mother’s life because of her offspring. She never had a chance to meet her, but because of what she instilled in her children this young woman was reaping the benefits of my mother’s legacy.

I remember reading some notes from one of my mother’s notebooks where she had written a plea to the Lord, “Please let my life count.” When I read the plea it brought me to tears. All I could think about was how much her life did count and was continuing to count with each life that our lives touched. Naturally as this young woman prayed and thanked God for my mother’s life, it took me back to that plea. I was overcome with emotion.

Although my mother had been gone from the earth realm for more than a decade she continued to touch and inspire others. Oftentimes we are so consumed with the here and now we lose sight of the fact that one day we are all going to leave this earth. Our entrance from the wombs of our mothers is the first step as we journey towards the distance horizon of the day we leave this earth.

All that we accomplish from the day we were born to the day we leave here should have some impact on someone else’s life. Oftentimes we find ourselves stagnated because we don’t fully comprehend that when we pour into someone else, where they travel and all the lives they touch we impact as well. Wow! Each one does truly reach one.

More than any of my other siblings I have my mother’s physical features and often peer into the mirror and it is as though her reflection is gazing back at me. Each of us has some parts of who she was and this is not just limited to the physical. All of us have the same compassion and love for others as my mother did and extend ourselves to nurture and help others along the way.

So it is with mothers. They instill so much in each of us. Along the way others are blessed by our mother’s, regardless if they are alive or not. Continuing our mothers’ legacy keeps them alive.

Today, celebrate your mother’s life and all that she poured into you. Regardless if your mother is still living or not, you are the most precious of her legacies. Make your mother’s life count by spreading the love and compassion she gave you, not just to your children but to others as well. That is how you keep your mother’s legacy alive. That is how I keep my Mother’s legacy alive.

Happy Mother’s Day


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Celebrating Mothers! | Showers’ Blessing Inspires

SB-Picquire-Celebrating MotherEnjoy this encore post, Celebrating Mothers, written a few years ago celebrating my Birth Mother and my Spiritual Mother.

This past weekend I celebrated motherhood with my spiritual mother who turned 80-years old. I remember not so many years ago celebrating my biological mother’s 80th birthday. Naturally, the celebration caused me to reflect on a mother’s love and how blessed I am to have two people who nurtured my growth and loved me unconditionally.

Mothers have an awesome task regardless if they are your natural mother or not. What I realize is that there are those who become surrogate mothers for whatever reason. It has nothing to do with age, because I was over-grown when I met Arneta Supples, my spiritual mother. My birth mother, had recently made her transition. Never did I ever think that I could embrace someone else as mother.

My Mother

You see, my mother, Rosie Showers, means the world to me. I simply loved and adored her and continue to do so even to this day. I, according to my mother, was her baby and would always be her baby. I took such pride in those words. The mother-daughter relationship and friendship we shared was priceless. I continue to grow and increase daily from her life’s lessons.

My Spiritual Mother

Mother Supples embraced me as one of her own daughters. She was always there, similar to my birth mother, with a quiet-confidence offering advice and guidance through the good and tough times.

Interestingly enough, I celebrate both of their birthdays this month along with Mother’s Day. I look just like my birth mother. It is unbelievable when I gaze into the mirror and it is as though she gazes back at me or I look at my hands and I see her hands. Ironically, my middle name is the same as the first name as my spiritual mother.

Yet these two women have been instrumental in my natural and spiritual maturation process. I celebrate both of their lives, Rosie Showers and Arneta Supples, because of how they touched and influenced my life and each of them loved me unconditionally.

Celebrate the mothers in your life. Without them where would we be?

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