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prayer for success showers

Father, You have said to move forward and move forward I will do. I know I can’t do it without continual communication with You for guidance and direction. To maximize my time I have to have a daily plan of action with a stick to it determination to succeed. Bless me to stay focused as I strategically map out a plan of action for each day. Lead and guide my every step along this path of strategic purposeful actions leading to abundance success. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess


prayer for success showers

Father, When I embarked on this project, I was somewhat apprehensive and nervous about its success. Knowing that You have been with me and will be with me even beyond its completion, brings me peace and confidence to forge ahead knowing success is imminent. Thank You for being here leading and guiding me every step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without You. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess


prayer for success showers

Father, Thank You for liberating me to pursue with passion my desires and to live out the fullness of my dreams. I am relentless! I am radical! I have been set free from the limiting gravitational pull of this world, to experience the breadth and depth of who You created me to be. I am free! I am liberated! There is no stopping me now! Thank You God! Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess


prayer for success showers

Father, Every day I work heartily unto You as my work seamlessly flows into worship. Regardless of my vocation, if I am working in the job of my dreams or own a business, I will work with a spirit of excellence in serving not only humankind but representing You with authenticity in the workplace. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess


prayer for success showers

Father, You have strategically positioned me on the multiplying stage of increase. I will not be afraid to fail or to succeed, but I will walk in my integrity as a good and faithful servant who takes advantage of strategic opportunities. I will invest my time, talents and resources wisely in making money and generating wealth as a Kingdom solutionist and marketplace influencer. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess

Footprints of Creative Success | Showers’ Blessing Inspires

I initially became acquainted with the poem, Footprints, when I was working at a women’s correctional facility. My boss gave me a plastic business-sized card with the poem on it. I kept that card for many years. Whenever things got a little tough, I would pull that card out for encouragement. From the moment she gave me the poem I fell in love with it and it became a constant companion of encouragement.

Footprints illustrates a person who glances back over his life and sees two sets of footprints along the way. The more he peers over his life there are times he notices those two sets of footprints become one. This disturbs him and he inquires of God why did you forsake me during the most turbulent times of my life. God replies that it is during this time that He carried him.

There comes a time when we must realize that for us to be successful it is beyond our power. It is at this time we have to trust and depend on God. His arms are equipped not only to carry us, but every burden we have as well as all of our fears. It is a natural inclination to think that we make our plans, when in actuality we may make the plans but God is the director of our destiny.

Trusting in God means relinquishing our finite wisdom to his infinite wisdom. He alone really knows what we were created to be and how we will get to our preordained destination. The creative thoughts He has for you are innumerable—they are just too many to even be counted and they are all good. His plans for your future is paved with unparalleled success. This success is only achieved when you team up with God and place your entire trust in Him, knowing He is faithful to perform all He has promised.

We fall short because we want to depend on ourselves or even others, but once we come to realize that acknowledging and glorifying God in all we do pleases Him. He is there to direct our every step on the creative path of success. It is in this child-like trust when we realize he is prospering us and we are experiencing good success.

There are times when we stray off the path, but it is reassuring to know that He is there to firmly, yet gently, place us back on it. If need be, to carry us as we regain strength. All we have to do is to heed his voice and direction and we are back on the path to creative victory. Trust in me and lean not to your own understanding and I will direct your path, the words proclaim. God will never lead you into any harm, but He will reveal all things to you that leads to an abundant creative life. It is this trusting nature that God saw in you that allows Him to open your world to uncommon creativity on your path to experiencing illimitable success.

Have you trusted more in your decisions and others than you have in God’s? Have you placed your complete trust in God? Do you seek his advice and direction on a daily basis to unleash your creative energy for success?

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prayer for success showersFather, I will no longer place confidence in negative words spoken about me. For my blueprint for success to be transformed, I will no longer believe those negative words that’s held me hostage to a poverty-mindset. I am trashing those old blueprints of defeat and embracing a renewed mindset to achieve success and amass wealth as a Kingdom solutionist and marketplace influencer. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess


prayer for success showers

Father, Nothing prevents me from success but me. I will not be a blockage. I will not be defeated. I will not be lazy. I will not be a procrastinator. I will not be discouraged. I will not be a victim. I will not be afraid. I will not be stopped. Every single day I surrender me to You in order to move me out of the way of preventing my own success. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess 


prayer for success showersFather, Opportunities abound. Bless me with the fortitude and confidence to take advantage of every opportunity. Everything I endeavor to do multiplies exponentially and I am experiencing great success every single day. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess


prayer for success showersFather, You energized me when I got tired and strengthened me when I dropped out. I am energized. I am strengthened. I am relentless. I am passionate. I run and am never-winded, never weary, never tired, never faint as I stretch with purposeful intensity towards my goal. Nothing can stop me from soaring to unimaginable heights of success. Amen. #showersblessing #prayersforsuccess

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