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It’s Your Poop: Don’t Wallow It!

While visiting one of my sisters, my grand-nephew came in and said, “I need my pamper changed.” He was a little over 2-years old and wanted that poop off of him. My niece told him to go into the bathroom and wait for her. She proceeded to finish with whatever she was doing as well as chatting with me.   read more . . .

Big Ole’ Buts! Move’em Out The Way!

Inno buts discussions about imminent opportunities with a couple of people, I asked them to turn around. Just as they turned around I started exclaiming the refrain, “Your buts, your buts, your big ole’ big ole’ buts.” One person immediately began to say how they felt they had been gaining weight and thought their but looked bigger. I responded, This has nothing to do with your weight, this has to do with the excuses you are making not to take advantage of this opportunity.” Both of these individuals started coming up with excuses why they couldn’t do something.   read more . . .

In I AM’s Hands: Purpose-Driven Answers

“I feel creatorso confused about where I am and what I’m supposed to do. What is my purpose, how do I get there and what am I supposed to be doing,” has been a common outcry I ‘ve heard these past few days. Always, my natural inclination is to direct them to the one who created them, AM.   read . . .

Moving Beyond Yourself: Tell Your Story

Most of America is focused on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Almost each and every one of us can remember exactly what we were doing at the time those planes crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Our lives have been impacted in one shape, form or another ever since.         read more .  .  .

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